No Kernel?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Fri Nov 28 16:52:13 PST 2003

> After installing FreeBSD I get the following message:
> No /boot/loader
> FreeBSD/i386 boot
> Default: 0:da(0,a)/kernel
> boot:
> When installing the OS, I created one partition using the entire disk 
> (in this case a 560GB arrray) and created two mount points (256M 'swap' 
> as da0s1a and 559G '/' as da0s1b.  How can I get the OS to boot?

First of all, I suppose you really mean to say that you created 
one slice for the whole disk and within that slice you created two 
partitions: da0s1a and da0s1b.

When you create that slice, you tell fdisk to write an MBR (/boot/mbr)
and mark the slice as bootable.

Secondly, you should make da0s1a be the boot partition eg root (/).
When you do disklabel to create the partition, you tell disklabel
to make it bootable and put in the /boot/boot1 boot record.  

The sysinstall routine will do both of these for you too if you 
tell it too.

If you really want to boot off a non-standard partition, then
you should study what you are doing more first.  You really need a
good reason and understanding of the whole system before doing that.
Otherwise, just do it the standard way as indicated above and it will 
all work just hunky dory.


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