monitoring with mrtg

SWIT mark at
Fri Nov 28 16:41:30 PST 2003

newbie and its the holiiday so be nice or santa will poop in your stocking

I am interested in monitoring my freebsd box with MRTG/rrdtool.

I have the mrtg/rddtool setup on the box.
I can get to my devices w/o any issues and graph.
Not sure on the freebsd box tho
I have RTFM and other sites.
In reading I sounds like I needed ucd-snmp but its not there. So I searched
more and found out its now net-snmp
So I installed from ports. but its say libnet is wrong version tho its
updated. So had to reinstall libnet.
So now I have net-snmp.
I ran snmpd and it asks a whole lot of questions. I answered them.
But i get errors and snmpd doesn' start. mostly says blank lines.
Now when Answering the questions I did not answer every question. Like those
on snmp3 related. and mabye a few others.
Does every thing need to be answered ?
And the warning at the end of the install scares me about security and all
any good net-snmp newbie setup docs ? sites ? any other ways easier to do
this ?
The mrtg site has nothing related to freebsd.


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