how to print a man page

Bill Schoolcraft bill at
Fri Nov 28 12:37:32 PST 2003

At Fri, 28 Nov 2003 it looks like Antoine Jacoutot composed:

> On Friday 28 November 2003 20:10, Ian Todd wrote:
> > I have installed a local printer on /dev/lp0. I want to
> > print a man page how do i do that? Will it also fit onto
> > the page? i dont need to setup the size of my page?Thanks.
> $ groff -Tps -man /path/to/man/page/man.1 | lpr -P PS-Printer

Cool, never saw that method, I've used the following but of
course I end up with an extra file here unless I throw in an rm
command at the end for the file in question.

man yourchoice | col -b > manpage.txt ; lpr yourchoice.txt

Or the following script works, you could call it ""

echo "Formatting and printing the manpage called $1 "
man $1 | col -b > $1.txt ; lpr $1.txt ; rm -f $1.txt

echo "Your manpage has been sent to the printer "


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