ADSL question

Zhang Weiwu weiwuzhang at
Fri Nov 28 01:23:17 PST 2003

Hello. I never touched ADSL before, now I booked an ADSL phone line.

I have a small LAN, the server (FreeBSD 4.9 STABLE) is there as, providing services like NFS and it is a DHCP server. It 
also need to act as NAT for 802.11 notebooks in the room. I heard people 
say there are basically two types of ADSL modems. The either net modem 
act as a gateway for the LAN, and is more expansive; The PCI ADSL modem 
is cheaper, fitting one computer only, you need to configure NAT and so 
like on that computer for the LAN.

I don't want to use the ethernet one, because I already have a 
standalone server, and I'm quite faimiliar with FreeBSD NAT & DHCP & 
router configuration, but configuring ethernet ADSL modem is new to me. 
I still need the server to connect wireless computers in the LAN, which 
ethernet ADSL modem cannot do it directly. So I think I need a PCI ADSL 

The problem is, I wish to buy a FreeBSD compatible PCI ADSL modem, but 
looking into the hardware note 
( I didn't find 
any ADSL PCI card. Do FreeBSD support any PCI ADSL Card?

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