strange ping behavior

Chip chip at
Thu Nov 27 22:28:00 PST 2003

check this out - I have a fbsd 4.6 box on my network, as well as a 
fbsd5.1 box and several XP boxes. I have a netgear router/firewall (also 
does dhcp and print server) box as well. The 4.6 box is set up on the 
network, the netgear dhcp server finds the box, as well as the 5.1 box, 
so they are 'talking' on the network. The 4.6 box cannot ping anything. 
I get this error -
ping: sendto: permission denied
from any box I try to ping the 4.6 box, and the ping just times out. The 
5.1 box works fine. The 4.6 box used to work fine, and was serving web 
pages, it has apache/php/mysql installed. It went down when the power 
went out, and since has had the connection problems.
Any ideas?

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