Freebsd list rejects mail.

Marwan Sultan Admin at
Thu Nov 27 14:52:26 PST 2003

Hi man,
 Hi everyone,

   Thanks for your replay, kindly the ppl here helped out,
   and I sent a test email for this list which made greg angry!
   and everything went fine.
   I thought I had an reverse! but it was only forward!
   I fixed that, and now im emailing from this golden, as you said :)

   Thanks for you and everyone else.


Dragoncrest wrote,
You need an A record and an PTR record (aka forward and reverse lookup 
records respectively) for it to work.  I encountered much the same problem 
back when I was first setting up my own mail server and trying to send to 
the list.  The idea behind them requiring both is it cuts down on a lot of 
spam getting through.  :) 

        Have your ISP put in an A record as well for your mail server 
matching the name you have already specified for it, in your 
case "" and you should be all set in about 24 hours.  Of 
course if you're " doing your own DNS, just edit the zone file 
for "" and add the following entry. 

host4           IN A 

        Again, give it 24 hours and you should be golden.  :) 

Marwan Sultan
Network Administrator

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