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> Hi  list, I  installed Apache  and ProFTPd  servers, users  can upload
> tehir  sites via  FTP, I  have  configured in  Apache DocumentRoot  in
> /usr/local/apache2/wwwroot, my  question is: can I  create users which
> their home directories path is /usr/local/apache2/wwwroot/userN ??? Is
> this  way  trustable  ???  I  was  thinking  it  because  if  it's  no
> possible I  have to change my  DocumentRoot wherever the main  site is
> located...thanks...

It depends on what you're trying to do.

1)  Typically,  user   websites  go  into  their   home  directory  like
/home/userN,  in a  folder  called "public_html".   That  way, the  user
website can be accessed at http://yourwebsite/~userN/.

2) However, you  may want to put the user  websites in another location,
there  is no  problem, but  remember to  set the  permissions correctly.
Every user directory must be *owned*  by that very user.  For web usage,
directories should have mode 755, and files 644.

3) If  you want to  have your user  directories outside of  the document
root,  you will  have to  setup an  Alias for  each user,  or to  define
another virtual  host.  But  that becomes  close to  solution 1  in that

Jean-Baptiste Quenot
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