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[Warnings about ethernet addresses]
> >I'd like to know this too. I have a FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE box that exhibits 
> >the
> >same symptoms. The addresses it complains about belong to a colo box on our
> >network and a cisco router.
>         That's a big Ditto for me too.  I got the same problem on one of 
> my bsd workstations up at work too, but only when accessing either of our 
> two Oracle servers.  So yeah, I'd love to know the resolution to this too 
> if someone finds one.  :)

The warnings you're seeing are there to help pick up some common
configuration errors on the local network.  However, it is perfectly
reasonable to design a network that does those sort of things
deliberately: this seems to be the case with several common DSL or
Cable Modem setups nowadays.

You can turn off some types of warning by:

   # sysctl
   # sysctl

Use sysctl.conf(5) to have those values set automatically on reboot.



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