Can't install gaim on FreeBSD 4.x

Patrick Burnett pb1170 at
Wed Nov 26 06:24:59 PST 2003

This is more a question of curiosity rather than a solution since I'm an
admitted newbie, so treat this as an inquiry to the masses.  Would
portupgrade help in this case to upgrade and/or install a newer version
of the Gaim source/port for you to use?  

For example, I just ran cvsup on a clean new system (4.9R on a Dell
laptop) to download the latest ports and source and the version of Gaim
in my ports is now 0.73, the latest release.

I know I'm scattershooting, but maybe I'm helping shed some light.

In /usr/share/examples/cvsup there are sample supfiles that I just edit
and use.  The ports-supfile will download all current ports from the CVS
tree to /usr/ports, and the standard-supfile will download all current
source for your version (mine happens to be 4.9R) to /usr/src.  Maybe
try that and installing from the latest ports for your OS version and
see what happens.

pkg_add -vr cvsup-without-gui (to install the text only version of
** -v is not required...I just like the verbose output to see what is
actually happening.**
logout/log back root
go to /usr/share/examples/cvsup
edit the appropriate supfile as you see fit...remembering to edit the line to reflect which CVSup mirror you want to
save changes and exit file(s)
cvsup -g -L 2 ports-supfile
cvsup -g -L 2 standard-supfile

Just a few of my thoughts.  Good luck.

On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 03:04, David Gerard wrote:

> On 11/26/03 01:52, Bryan Cassidy wrote:
> >Why not just use the ports? Works fine on my end with FreeBSD
> >4.8-RELEASE
> >  
> >
> 'Cos the port in 4.8-RELEASE is 0.59, and the new MSN protocol
> is only in 0.71 or later.
> Now messing with cvsup ...
> - d.
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