Running processes as no root...

Jean-Baptiste Quenot jb.quenot at
Wed Nov 26 05:10:03 PST 2003

* Xpression:

> Hi list, I've recently installed some  services (WWW, Proxy, FTP) on a
> FreeBSD-4.8 server,  I read all documentation  about running processes
> as no root, ok I agree about  it, but every process still running with
> some user and  group but each one have one  process running like root,
> this is ok, or I dismiss something ??? Thanks...

Usually there  is one process owned  by root, that is  used for critical
operation,  but the  others  are forked  from it  and  have their  owner
switched, to  user 'www'  as of  Apache.  To  be able  to write  the log
files,  to switch  user,  and  a few  more  operations,  this is  indeed
achieved as root.  All child processes are typically non-root.

Jean-Baptiste Quenot
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