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Wed Nov 26 02:53:26 PST 2003

Hi again.
Please, don't send mail regarding help, directly to my mail-adress.
Send via the list ( freebsd-questions at ) and your chance for 
positive reply are a lot bigger, and a lot more people have a chance to 
give you better advice then I'm.

Referring to the two previous answers you got at the list,

Do you try to install PHP as user root ? 
( $someuser ) su
Password: " root password here"
Given the correct password, your prompt are supposed to 
change from $ to #, then you have root privilieges.

Do you try to install PHP via ports ?
As root, do the following :
cd /usr/ports/lang/php4
make install clean

This way, the files you need for your installation, will automatically 
get fetched.

One way I had great success installing PHP was with the following:

Deinstall Apache.
make -DWITH_APACHE2 -DWITH_MYSQL install clean

and everything worked out like a dream.

Good luck and lots of fun.


On Wednesday 26 November 2003 02.26, Ví­ctor Gutiérrez Cruz wrote:
> Non find port PDFlib-Lite-5.0.0-Unix-src.tar.gz  in the Ports of
> website, you have a copy of port.
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