Fwd: newbee help on freebsd email server setup

daniel at electroteque.org daniel at electroteque.org
Tue Nov 25 07:55:06 PST 2003

Sorry to jump thread, i am also interested in setting a mail server up, i
have setup bsd as an internet gateway and cvs server for my development
work, i would like to setup a pop server of some kind to download all my
email every few mins from my other pop server, then i can setup an imap
link to the server to view my email, is this possible ?

> thank you
> there are many in ports
> i am running a simple freebsd server dedicated for email
> so far anyway
> i want to have about 15 people getting email
> do you have any reccommendations?
> (wont hold ya to it)
> thanks again
> den
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>> > here is the problem i cant track down.....when i send mail to an
>> > account set up on mailserver (thru adduser) and using an remote
>> > source email server.....when i use a pc through windows 2000
>> > running outlook express i cannot retrieve the mail...it comes back
>> > with error message 550 host unknown....
>> Outlook Express is probably trying to use POP or some other mailbox
>> protocol (maybe IMAP) to download the messages.  Sendmail has nothing
>> to do with it at this level; you need a POP server to allow POP
>> downloading of messages.  There are several in the ports system.
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