SquirrelMail + Postfix

bryan cassidy bsdsys at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 25 06:44:40 PST 2003

Just a quick question. Bellsouth FastAccess DSL (not
lite) is my ISP. I use my user at bellsouth.net for
pretty much all my e-mails. It used POP3 to recieve
mail. Is this correct? Kinda new to POP,POP3, IMAP,
SMTP etc. I think the protocol for sending is SMTP.
Can I use SquirrelMail + Procmail to send/receive mail
from my webapge using apache? I want to be able to
send/receive e-mails using my user at bellsouth.net
e-mail account from my ISP on my apache webserver when
I'm out of town and need to check my mail. Is this a
good route to take or is there something better?

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