Resizing disk labels

Roland Giesler roland at
Tue Nov 25 05:59:42 PST 2003

> Roland Giesler wrote:
> > I have installed FreeBSD in a server with the default setting
> in the label
> > editor.  I hope my terminology is correct, since I'm refering
> to /etc /usr
> > etc.  Now I've installed a squid, KDE, DHCP, Java (not complete yet!),
> > Apache and some other stuff.  While installing Qmail, I ran out of disk
> > space on /etc. but /usr still has 17GB free.
> Your disk-layout seems to very unlucky (hard to avoid the term
> 'braindead' here). Better install from scratch.
;-) Well I hope my brain grows, I only started on FreeBSD about 1 month ago.
I did the default installation, letting sysinstall choose the defaults...

> You should have a slice for /, one for /usr, one for /var, one for /home
> at least. If you intend to run the machine as a production server,
> /var/log and /var/qmail and /tmp beeing extra slices is also a good idea.
> As a starting point, give 256M for /,
I've got that..

> three times the physical memory as
> swap, 3G or 4G for /usr (depends on how many applications you want to
> install),
I've got 17GB

> for /var (without mailspool, squidcache and http-contents),
> and 512M for /tmp (move the contents of /var/tmp to /tmp and make
> /var/tmp a link to /tmp after install).
I'll do that right away

> About the size of the remaining filesystems you have to decide yourself,
> depending how the machine is used and by how many users, if you have a
> news spool, if you use imap or pop, how big your squid cache is, how
> much space users need in /home etcpp. - I can't tell you that.
> > Thanks
> >
> > Roland Giesler
> Hope that helped,
> 	FLiszt
After carefully looking at the contents of the subdirectories, I found that
I had stored all my downloaded packages under /root/downloads, which took
almost 100Meg.  I moved that to /usr and my problem is solved for the time

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