NFS mount problems

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Tue Nov 25 05:46:06 PST 2003

"Marcel de Reuver" < at> writes:

> I moved a RedHat Linux box for obvious reasons to FreeBSD v5.1
> It is main job for that box is act like a mailhub. Also it servers Windows
> clients as a Samba server. There are two NFS mounts of a HP-UX workstation.
> With RedHat no problems, with FreeBSD noting but trouble with these mounts.
> Even the box is rebooting itself....

The official recommendation for a mailhub would be to run FreeBSD 4.9
rather than 5.1, but I'll assume you needed 5.1 for some specific
reason.  You'll definitely need to give more information on the
symptoms; something useful is probably in the logs, for example.  

But you may need to go to the -CURRENT mailing list if this problem is
specific to FreeBSD 5.x.

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