FreeBSD, FHS, and /mnt/cdrom

Siegbert Baude Siegbert.Baude at
Tue Nov 25 04:00:28 PST 2003

>>> Could you also explain to me why you think that /var would be such
>>>a bad place for this?

>>Well, I probably can't give a hard and fast absolute reason, but...
>>We use /var as a place for directoreis/files that can grow somewhat
>>unexpectedly and weakly controlled, such as spool and logs, etc.
>>Because of that, our /var is most often put in some other large
>>general filesystem with links and doesn't really live in either
>>root (/) or isn't a root located filesystem, but just a directory in
>>another filesystem such as /work (or in some recent ones /lump - I
>>couldn't think of a better name).   So, making it the home of mount
>>points would be rather awkward.

> Just because /var is a symlink to /lump/var shouldn't affect that.

But if it's no symlink but a mount you run into trouble, if you want to 
remount /var (e.g. because out of disk space).

So generally I would say this new directory you're looking for, should 
not be a subdirectory at all, especially if the parent directory is a 
frequently mounted one by itself. This would rule out /usr, /tmp, /var, 
/home at least.
So better go for the /new_directory variant, IMHO.


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