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On Tuesday 25 November 2003 10:49, Bognár Zsolt wrote:
> I  purchased a Sil680 IDE RAID controller, and have setup a mirrored RAID
> array.
> My problem is, FreeBSD 4.8 and 4.9 GENERIC does not recognize them as one
> disk.
> I checked the hardware notes, and "Sil680 UDMA6" is listed.

May be that it works as a standard IDE controller, not necessarily as a RAID 

> I have one ad4 and one ad6 disk. (I can see same partition and data on both
> of them)
> Finally, the mirroring works fine but if the ad4 disk goes wrong, the BSD
> can't mount the root disk from ad6.(boot is OK)
> Is there anyway to get the FreeBSD to recognize my RAID array?

Not too much help I'm afraid, but I wasn't confident in the abilities of such 
a cheap controller (mine cost me GBP £20, about USD $30) to work well, 
particularly with FreeBSD. I just set mine into "standard IDE contoller" mode 
(there was a jumper on the board to control this), and have set up a mirrored 
RAID 1 with vinum.

So far it's running fine like this.

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