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dillon ross casp_semper at
Tue Nov 25 00:31:36 PST 2003

that didn't seem to help much or i'm doing something terribly wrong. i did try to reconfigure x-server and went to xdesktop to choose default desktop (no other config opts.). when i run startx i get blank screen akin. typing afterstep at the command prompt gives the error msg. "can't open display.". i'm doing all of this on my laptop, with silicon motion graphics lynx em+ graphics card. is there a min on the video ram that kde or any such need to operate? 
pulling out what little hair i have.

peter lageotakes <plageotakes at> wrote:
Have you configured X-Server? If not try this as


Select post config install.
Select Xfree server (roughly). Sorry I am stuck on
w2k now.

You should now have 3 or 4 ways to configure your
X-server. I typically use the ncruses style
installer. I believe that is the 2nd one down on the
list. It works just like the freebsd installer.

After you configure your xserver, then you should
configure your desktop (same menu as xserver). Once
that is done you should have a happy GUI environment.
The desktop that you configure will be your starting
GUI once you type startx.

FYI: Check out the errata for FreeBSD. You cannot
install both KDE and Gnome because they use a
different version of LDAP. Listed below is the link to
FreeBSD's errata.

Hope this helps,
--- casp_semper at wrote:
> i'm a newbie and i just installed freebsd 4.8. the
> basic installation seemed 
> to have gone fairly well, i can use the console mode
> fine enough. the problem 
> is when i try to load a window manager, KDE,
> Afterstep, Windowmaker (the ones 
> i've tried thus far) i get a blank screen when i use
> the startx command. when 
> i try just typing afterstep or kcontrol at the
> command prompt i get a "cannot 
> open display" msg. any thoughts or suggestions? send
> reply to 
> casp_semper at
> thanks much
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