sis0 / sis1 dont play nice together

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First try some simple fixit steps below.

Verify that the PCI Nic cards is not in the first PCI expansion
slot. Slot closest to power supply.
Try  pciconf -lv  command to see if it gives you any useful info.
Disable any Bio's plug-n-play option.
Disable or set to auto any Bio's option to assign irq numbers to PCI
expansion slots.

Your only remaining option is to customize the kernel source by
adding the following device statement at the end of the kernel
source and then recompiling.

device  puc

An side effect of this device is that an more detailed probe of the
bios is done for PCI devices. It can determine that all 3 of your
Nic cards are using irq 9, the ms/windows shared PCI bus irq, and
reassign 2 of the Nics to other irq numbers.

You have nothing to lose in trying.

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I have 3 network cards, and no matter what combination of two of
them being
plugged in, (Two are netgear, one is 3com) they dont work together.
Is there
something I am missing? Do I need to do anything special to get them
working at the same time.

 - They are always both recognised
    correctly in DMESG.
 - ifconfig then lists both of them but one
   of them with the wrong driver name
    ie: sis0/sis1 in dmesg ends up being
          sis0/de0 in ifconfig ?!?

(Im running 5.1-RELEASE)


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