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Mon Nov 24 16:40:39 PST 2003

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Ben H. wrote:

> Hello All,
>   Guidance anyone?
> I would like to deploy an Anti virus software on a FreeBSD
> v4.9 server hosting Samba.
> I wanted to look at the Ports Collection... the only thing
> I can find there is something called UV-Scan and only
> enough extra info to know I can only run it for a month.
> I have been considering "Sophos" and can get a two year
> contract for under $1k.  That's under $42.00 per month.
> (including support for 10 workstations)
> I like Sophos but...  are there any other decent options?

   Yes, I suggest Clam Antivirus.

   Open source Antivirus scanner. No fees for virus updates, either. It's
also in the Ports Collection: /usr/ports/security/clamav

   I would recommend getting the latest download from their website as the
software has improved greatly over the course of the last several months.
It seems to be the best open source AV scanner I've been able to find that
includes it's own virus database, but perhaps someone else knows of
something better.

   - Jamie

> Ben
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