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Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Mon Nov 24 14:59:44 PST 2003

Will Prater wrote:

> On Nov 24, 2003, at 1:10 PM, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
>> Will Prater wrote:
>>> List,
>>> What are most of you using to monitor the running daemons? I have been
>>> loooking into DJB daemontools which seems appropriate, but are there
>>> any others that you reccomend?
>>> If DJB's daemontools is the one, could I get some more examples? I am
>>> primarily trying to keep my mail system online: postfix, cyrus,
>>> saslauthd, mysql, and spamassassin.
>> I'm particularly fond of daemontools/supervise, actually. You've got to
>> jump through some hoops to get it working (process must run in
>> foreground,
>> process must start first time, etc..), but it's very reliable and the
>> qmail style qmailctl script can be adapted to any configuration with
>> minimal
>> work to make an excellent control script.
> Yes, it looks promising. I have it working for a few of my processes. I
> was looking to something similar to Mac OS X Servers watchdog. This is
> much better.
> I get weird errors when I am trying to get saslauthd since I have to
> use fghack to get it going.
> Can you send me the qmailctl script or some examples that you have with
> some daemons on your system?

>From Life with Qmail:


And check out this:


Particularly section, "The supervise scripts".

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