Building Automated Custom Install CD

Jim Sims jim at
Mon Nov 24 12:45:39 PST 2003

I am looking for information/pointers/HowTo about creating an automated custom install CD. The CD would have a sysinstall script and custom packages so that upon bootup it does a complete install without asking. (I know... Dangerous TM)

For the interested this CD will be used to install FreeBSD and apps on a standalone headless audio recording system I have designed. Since it is standalone (not necessarily networked) and headless The whole install process must complete without user input.

As I understand FreeBSD, I could use the release process or I could modify a picoBSD floppy image, but I would like to "Keep It Simple Stupid".

I have done the requisite Googling, Handbook, etc and come up with few answers so any help is greatly appreciated. Once I understand/test/prove the process I will be happy to submit it for Official FreeBSD documentation.

Jim Sims

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