Postfix/procmail/fetchmail/spamassassin setup

Shantanoo Mahajan freebsd at
Mon Nov 24 11:42:59 PST 2003

+++ Jonas Manalive [freebsd] [23-11-03 13:54 -0800]:
| Hello,
| I am having terrible time trying to figure out why I can't get any
| emails. I used to be able to receive them before, but since reinstalling
| FreeBSD (new harddrive), I am not able to get any emails again. I am
| using FreeBSD 5.1 - standalone computer with me as the sole user. With
| postfix, I want to use fetchmail to fetch mails and procmail to deliver
| them and spamassassin to examine them. I want the procmail/postfix to
| send them to /var/mail/manalive. Here are the configurations
| (username/password changed of course :) ) and let me know where I am
| doing wrong. There is no procmail.log file. I have stopped, started, and
| reloaded the postfix after configuring. Any other configurations you
| need to see, please let me know!
| Thanks!
| Jonas
| ------------------------------------------
| rc.conf 
| ----------------
| hostname="ancient.mariner.sea"
| ifconfig_vr0="DHCP"
| ipv6_enable="YES"
| kern_securelevel_enable="NO"
| saver="daemon"
| sendmail_enable="NONE"
| sshd_enable="YES"
| usbd_enable="YES"
| linux_enable="YES"
| inetd_enable="NO"

from /usr/ports/mail/postfix/pkg-message
If you have postfix configured in your /etc/mail/mailer.conf (answered yes to
the previous question) and would like to enable postfix to start at boot time,
please set these variables in your /etc/rc.conf file:


This will disable Sendmail completely.


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