(Semi)hot swap IDE

Brent Wiese brently at bjwcs.com
Mon Nov 24 09:56:02 PST 2003

> Hello!
> I'm looking for a cheap solution to back up a FreeBSD 4.8 machine. 
> Cheap meaning that tape drives are out of question. Even external 
> FireWire drives are deemed a bit too expensive by the folks for whom 
> I'm doing this research.
> This leaves one option I can think of - standard IDE drive in one of 
> those removable HDD trays. We'd probably use two drives, one being 
> active in the machine and the other being kept somewhere out of the 
> house for safety.


I personally think this a great alternative to tape, especially given the
low cost per GB of drive space.

3ware cards support hot swapping IDE and there are several hot-swap IDE
drive trays in the $50-75 range. You *MUST* make sure the trays are really
hot swap. Most are not. The ones that are will be very specific about saying

Another alternative I just found this past weekend... There is a company
making "hot swap" IDE trays, but instead of being IDE out, they're USB 2.0.
Its still an internal bay though. Its really quite cool and works very well.
It takes the headache out of it too since we all know USB is hot-swap. ;)

I *think* the mfg was "incase" or something like that. I picked up the unit
for $50 at fry's electronics (if you don't have one, they're probably on the
outpost.com website) and 2 extra drive chassis for $13 each. The chassis are
fully enclosed too, so dropping them into a briefcase should be no problem.


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