Newbie question with Squirrelmail 1.41 and IMAP

Scott Mitchell scott+freebsd at
Mon Nov 24 08:28:00 PST 2003

On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 10:34:40AM -0500, Matthew A. Lee wrote:
> I just recently installed 4.9 on a fresh server.  I was also 
> installing squirrelmail 1.41 from the ports directory and also imap-uw
> (imap4rev1).  I pointed my virtual server to the squirrelmail 
> directory.  I can get the login prompt, but when I login with a 
> username and password, I receive an error message that says unknown 
> user or incorrect password.  On my console, it tells me the login
> has been disabled with whatever username I use and auth=username
> and host=  It prefaces the error with imapd[151].
> I looked at the pkg-message in imap-uw and it says that by default 
> imap will not accept unencrypted logins.  Since this is just a test 
> server, I dont mind using unencrypted logins, but I dont know how to 
> install it so it will work without them.  Or, I am not certain of 
> what I need to do in order for it work with encrypted logins.  I 
> looked at both the squirrelmail site and's site on 
> imap, but I dont really see the solution.  It is probably something 
> very simple that I am missing or that I am doing incorrectly.  Still, 
> any light someone may be able to shed on this or to point me in th 
> right direction would be greatly appreciated.

If you read right to the end of /usr/ports/mail/imap-uw/pkg-message you
should have seen this:

===>   NB: IMAP-UW now rejects non-encrypted logins by default. To change this
===>   behaviour, recompile and reinstall cclient and imap-uw ports with one of
===>   the following make variables defined:

WITHOUT_SSL - build without SSL/encryption support.
WITH_SSL_AND_PLAINTEXT - build with SSL/encryption support, but allow
non-encrypted logins.

So the answer is that you need to rebuild/reinstall the cclient and imap-uw
ports with either '-DWITHOUT_SSL' or '-DWITH_SSL_AND_PLAINTEXT' on the make
command line.  I believe either of these will give you a server that will
accept plaintext logins, but I don't have my notes from when I did this to
check for sure.  At least one of them should work, anyway.


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