install problem

radoslaw.zukowski at radoslaw.zukowski at
Mon Nov 24 02:22:58 PST 2003


OK problem resolved, ufff :-))
Finally it wasn't problem with ACPI.

I have unfrozen my FreeBSD 5.1 instaler when I set "USB IRQ" to Enabled 
status into BIOS(Award bios, motherboard P2L97) setup.


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2003-11-21 14:52
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radoslaw.zukowski at writes:

> I have a problem when trying to install FreeBSD 5.1.
> Problem appear on initialize part, installer have frozen and it is a 
> little bit strange for me.

Your problems look like they might be related to the ACPI troubles
listed in the release errata.  Did you try the suggestions there?

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