Can I install packages only for my release?

Mark Terribile materribile at
Sun Nov 23 23:11:32 PST 2003

[Rahul Fernandez]
>> Hi, I shall certainly try installing a port instead. I am rather new
>> to FreeBSD and am unclear as to how I can obtain new packages....

[Matthew Seaman]
> ...  Even better, use the ports tree.  This may sound terrifying
> ...  but that's the beauty of the ports system.  It reduces doing
> all that right down to typing "make install"  ...

I went back to my notes on the problem I saw when the port system's
autoconfiguration machinery seemed to go into an infinite loop.  It
appears (APPEARS, I must repeat) that the problem is that everything
depends on pkginstall, but pkginstall's man pages depend on find files
that depend on something else.  My note ends ``make -k works around this.''

Greg, you got your ears up?  I entered posted a bug report; I will if you
poke me a little.

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