booting freebsd and openbsd

Jud judmarc at
Sun Nov 23 19:03:11 PST 2003

On 23 Nov 2003 17:59:46 -0500, Lowell Gilbert  
<freebsd-questions-local at> wrote:

> Paulo Roberto <nirv199 at> writes:
>> I got 4.9 installed on my machine and I need to be able to dual-boot
>> freebsd and openbsd. The freebsd boot-loader recognizes (F2 BSD) but
>> does not boot the openbsd partition. Do I have to set any extra
>> parameter?
> Funny, I didn't think that should be a problem.
> What partition type is OpenBSD creating?

Another possibility: If you have FreeBSD and OpenBSD on separate disks,  
the FreeBSD bootloader must be installed on both drives.


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