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> if I operate a network,,, etc., as an 
> IPv4 address space and a second coincident network,, 
>, etc., as an IPv6 based address space, where does the 
> authority to allocate the IPv6-network based names reside? 

AFAIK, there is only one DNS system, which is designed to serve
names for both IPv4 and IPv6. It is the client who asks either
for A records (IPv4 resolution) or AAAA records (IPv6 resolution),
from the SAME set of DNS servers.

Let's assume that you want to operate * as IPv4 and
* as IPv6 networks. You would have two domains
in the .org TLD:  -> NS
               -> NS -> NS
               -> NS

It is important to realize that ns1 and ns2 must resolve
to IPv4 addresses for both and

Now you could populate the DNS maps of ns{1,2}
with AAAA records holding IPv6 addresses, and the DNS maps
of ns{1,2} with A records, holding IPv4 addresses.

Nothing prevents you from doing both on the same domain! -> NS

ns{1,2} could contain both A and AAAA records,
like, say:

  hybrid       A      <some-ipv4-address>
  hybrid       AAAA   <some-ipv6-address>

The host would have an IPv4 and an
IPv6 address (they don't need to overlap!).

Now the clients' resolver library would generally ask
for A records, if it should resolve
It would therefore obtain an IPv4 address from
ns{1,2} for the host name

A client could still ask for IPv6 addresses, e.g.:

  % host -t aaaa     (ask for IPv6 address)
  % host -t a        (ask for IPv4 address)
  % host             (same as host -t a ...)

> the technical side of it is clear... someone somewhere needs to keep a track 
> of the names...

You are responsible for keeping track of the names
under *, *, *
There is no such thing as an IPv6[-only] domain name.

If you asked about PTR records, this would be more
interesting... [Hint:] ;-)

> anyway, this is straying somewhat from the core subject matter of
> this list...

Well, yes...

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