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Sun Nov 23 16:48:35 PST 2003

>From one computer lab monitor to another, BSD is good stuff. I've recently
wiped my RH 9.0 machine to install BSD on the recommendation of one of my
professors and now most of the advanced lab machines are running it, much to
the delight of the users. 

Key points:
1.) The ports collection. Forget searching around the web for some package,
downloading it, ./configuring it, all that junk. With the bsd ports
collection, stored in /usr/ports, you cd to the directory of the application
you want to install and "make install clean". Build and run dependancies are
checked and (more often then not) taken care of, and the program is
installed and integrated into your system. Same applies for deinstalling.
More info and a listing/search of current ports at 

2.) Stability. freeBSD may not be the most cutting edge build out there,
considering it's unix, not linux (and thus requires linux emulation
packages), but it's probably one of the most stable and secure. 

3.) Community. I, for one, would get quite frustrated when looking for linux
info that pertained to MY SPECIFIC DISTRO. It wasn't enough to just search
for info on linux.. The community seems to be much more centralized and in
touch with the BSD community in my experience. 

Of course, I'm fairly newbie, so I'm sure there's a lot more info you can
get if you're looking for more advanced reasons. There's always
for you to peruse and look things up.


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> Hi, I am a student at Minot State University in Minot,ND. I 
> work in the
> computer lab and was noticing all the posters that we have up 
> are getting
> old and out dated. Some one mentioned to me FreeBSD (rocks). 
> I have never
> heard about freebsd so I was wondering do you have any 
> material that you
> could send me about FreeBSD. Maybe you could send me some posters to
> display in the lab. Thanks

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