while I have your attention... Names, copyright and IPv6

paul van den bergen pvandenbergen at swin.edu.au
Sun Nov 23 15:51:11 PST 2003

Hi all,

given how clearly you-all answered my query about 'hostname' (thanks folks) I 
thought I'd chance my luck.

so, let me get this straight...

in the IPv4 world there is this thing called DNS and domain names... I can buy 
my self a name off a name vendor - eg. bergen.org... I then get to own that 
name...  so, 
Question 1) where does the DNS record for that name reside? with my ISP? with 
the name vendor?

lets say I have a network and wish to name the boxen depending on the OS 
running on them thus...

Question 2)
where do those DNSrecord reside?

surely I'm breaking copyright or trademark laws here? whats to stop me being 
sued? for that matter, whats to stop vexatious litigation? and what about the 
name brokers? do they have legal responsibilities? and if I run DNS server on 
my network am I then a name provider for myself and have to worry about 

or to put it another way, what is the relationship between trademark control 
institutions and name brokers?

Dr Paul van den Bergen
Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures
pvandenbergen at swin.edu.au
"And some run up hill and down dale, knapping the chucky stones 
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They say it is to see how the world was made."
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