Boot manager clarification

Craig Caughlin craigcaughlin at
Sun Nov 23 11:49:20 PST 2003

Hi folks,
I have 2 hard disks, each on their own channel. I have XOSL installed as my
boot manager, in Drive 1, Partition 1. I have Windows 2000-Pro on Drive 1,
Partition 2. I want to install FreeBSD 5.0 on Drive 2, but use XOSL to load

Should I install FreeBSD using the "Standard" MBR option, or should I use
the "BootMgr" option? I *think* I would want to use the standard, because it
seems like the BootMgr option would install in the MBR of Disk 1 and NOT
Disk 2, thereby goofing up XOSL (which is what I'm trying to avoid!).

Thank you,

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