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Jesse Guardiani jesse at
Sun Nov 23 09:58:02 PST 2003

Shaun Alcaster (ECI Support) wrote:

> We have a lease line directly connected to out internet survice provider.
> Both have 56k lease line modems, but can only connect at about 33.3Kbs how
> do we change this.

Most likely the problem is with your phone lines, not FreeBSD or your ISP.

I work at an ISP. I can connect at 48,000 bps with my FreeBSD laptop from downtown
- at work. If I take my laptop home, I can only connect at 24,600 bps. My house
is on the outskirts of town and I think we have more than our fair share of analog
to digital conversions between my house and the central office.

Same story with my Win98 box. But FreeBSD with my PCMCIA hardware modem actually
transfers data faster than my win98 box w/software modem.

If you really want to connect at 56k or higher, you generally have three options:

1.) ISDN. Full digital line ensures 64k connection speeds, and dual channels
    with bonding means that you can get a 128k connection. Usually you won't
    spend too much more for ISDN than you would for dual 56k connections, but
    since ISDN actually connects at 64k, it'll be a lot faster.

2.) DSL. If available, it's always on, and generally the same price or cheaper
    than ISDN. Just make sure you get a DSL router with an ethernet jack instead
    of a USB DSL "modem". AFAIK, DSL dongles aren't supported by FreeBSD.

3.) Partial or Full T1. Absolute fastest connection of the three, but also the
    most expensive. This is total overkill for most small businesses.

Hope that helps.

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