Monitoring a file?

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Sun Nov 23 02:18:37 PST 2003

> >  A file, let's say, /path/to/a/file, is being modified by
> >  an unknown process P(u) at random times. Unfortunately,
> >  the name of the program ran by P(u) is unknown.
> 	Have you tried moving the file elsewhere and seeing if anyone
> complains about the absence?

No, P(u) obviously fails silently. There's nothing recorded
by syslog, no messages on the console, and no core dumps...

> 	Or writing a program that locks the file?

That was a good idea. However, P(u) didn't seem to take a lock.
Advisory locks are just that: if P(u) doesn't lock the file,
existing locks don't matter at all. Do we have mandatory locks
in FreeBSD?

Thank you.

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