driver for webcam?

chailu2000 at chailu2000 at
Sat Nov 22 12:43:48 PST 2003

Hi all,

I ran into a wall when I tried to set up the Intel
webcam on my freebsd 4.9 STABLE box. I googled and
googled, not much information came up. 

The webcam I have is a USB Intel CS330 create and
share. usbdevs -v shows 'power 500mA, config 1,
product 0x0401(0x0401), vendor 0x0733(0x0733), rev
0.90', so I guess my kernel setting is correct.

There is one driver for Linux showed up on the
internet, Spca50x, which supports this webcam, among
others. My questions are:

1) if I can use the linux driver on freebsd
2) is there a freebsd driver for it
3) is it possible to port the linux driver to freebsd
and how. 

Thanks in advance, any suggestions are appreciated.


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