LONG -> "partition data on device hda is unreadable"

ico freebsd at beke.info
Sat Nov 22 03:08:41 PST 2003

$SUBJECT is what Fedora Linux thought about my hd after install of
FreeBSD 5.1.
(freebsd)fdisk shows:
Windows on ad0s1 ,NTFS, 4G
Linux on ad0s2 ext2(actually ext3), 6G
FreeBSD  on ad0s3, 6G
extended, ads04, rest of windows 3G

First i installed windows, than linux(Fedora).
ads03 prepared for FreeBSD, created by Partition Magic, as vfat partition. 
Everything worked smoothly until i installed FreeBSD 5.1 into ad0s3. 
I've chosen not to touch MBR, do not install boot loader.
After reboot i've got the same menu i saw when install of FreeBSD
5.1  started: 7 options , daemon on the right.
My grub menu from Linux install is gone. Not a chance to boot something
So i tried to install grub port and write his config into mbr. But grub
can't find (hd0). Setup of grub failed. Partition table was rewriten by
So i tried to boot into Linux, reinstall it or repair it. But you see
$subject. It could not install, because "no valid devices were found on
which to create new filesystem". Of course linux says it can be
repaired, but warning about "all data will be lost", make me nervous ;-).

So i tried to reinstal 5.1 and this time in option about bootloader i
chose FreeBSD bootloader. After install I have menu:
F1 dos
F2 linux
F3 freebsd
Looks good, but i can't boot linux. Reaction to F2 is only long beep.
At least my wife's windows are back ;-).

Could you suggest please:
- how could i cram these 3 OS's on one 20G disk and boot all of them?
- should i install freebsd under 8G and than add linux?

Maybe someone with enough time and patience could explain to me, why
i have so often problems with CHS after installing FreeBSD? ;-)
In previous installs Partition Magic 7 used to warn me about something
incorrect in my partition table always, when there was FreeBSD(sorry, i
don't have exact text of message).

Thank you very much for your time, if you are reading this line ;-)).

    *ico beke*

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