Newbie USB Printer Problem

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Fri Nov 21 11:19:22 PST 2003

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A bit late for this, but here goes anyway, in case it helps:

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> I did both of those of the suggestions, but still nothing. :(

> > > I cannot get my HP Deskjet 3420 printer to work. I've read all the prior
> posts
> > > for USB printers, checked the handbook and the complete freebsd book.

Do you know that you need the hpijs package to be able to talk to your
printer?  (Apologies if you already have it installed)
As seen on the website -- highly recommended as a
reference for anything printer-related -- from the HP FAQ:

Section 13: HP DeskJet 3420
   13.0 See also the HP DeskJet 3420 database page.
   13.1 Does this printer work with gimp-print?
          No, this printer does not support PCL. This printer only works
          with the HPIJS software from Hewlett Packard.

You can install hpijs from ports, or build it without problems from
the source.  This should help you to print, and it comes with heaps
of documentation about installing and configuring it.  Also, look at
the page referred to above for possibly more info...

Barry Bouwsma

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