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Philip Hallstrom philip at
Fri Nov 21 09:53:08 PST 2003

Hi all -

	I'm wanting to build my own computer to run FreeBSD, but don't
have the slightest idea (well, maybe the slightest :) what motherboard to
buy.  I'd like one that has built-in lan/audio that works in FreeBSD, but
in my searching efforts I've turned up very little.

I know the handbook lists chip sets and whatnot, but trying to figure out
what chip set is on a given board isn't always easy -- at least not for me.

So... I wrote a survey app that I'm hoping lots of you will fill out.  It
let's you pick the brand/model of motherboard, then indicate what onboard
features work (lan, audio, video, usb, firewire, ide, sata, scsi, raid,
smp), lets you provide some overall "satisfaction" ratings, and then
provide any additional comments.

As a side effect you can input your laptop information which seems to be a
frequently asked source of questions.

If I get enough responses I'd like to expand this to include other things
such as DVD players, USB peripherals, etc. that have varying levels of
support in FreeBSD.  Perhaps turn it into a companion to the HARDWARE.TXT

Anyway.. here it is:


(please cc me on any replies)

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