Downgrading from current to release or stable?

Peter Risdon peter at
Fri Nov 21 04:12:56 PST 2003

Mike Loiterman wrote:

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>Is it possible or advisable to downgrade to stable or release from
>current?  I'm running 5.1-current now, but I'm think I should
>probably switch to stable if possible.
I just moved from 5.1-current to 5.1 release, and fixed a lot of 
problems on a horribly unstable box by doing so. I believe downgrading 
to stable is very awkward, but others will be better qualified to 
discuss that than I am.

I used *default release=cvs tag=RELENG_5_1 in my cvsup file, cvsupped, 
made world, made kernel, installed kernel, rebooted, installed world, 
rebooted. No problems at all.


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