FreeBSD beside WinXP

Jud judmarc at
Thu Nov 20 18:44:58 PST 2003

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 08:49:49 +0800, <chael at> wrote:

> Thanks for all the replies. And yes, that's what my FAT32 is for... sort  
> of
> a mediator for the different OSes which also contains important files  
> but no
> directories for working applications.
> Ok, let me get this in short. You basically recommend me to follow this
> ?

Or look at GAG (free graphical bootloader, automagic), Grub (in ports,  
very configurable, requires reading the documentation closely but will  
teach you a lot about bootloaders), use FreeBSD's own bootloader (not  
fancy, but it works), or one of the other solutions mentioned in the  
extensive mailing list discussions I mentioned you might want to  
search/read.  :)


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