FreeBSD beside WinXP

chael at chael at
Thu Nov 20 16:49:57 PST 2003

Thanks for all the replies. And yes, that's what my FAT32 is for... sort of
a mediator for the different OSes which also contains important files but no
directories for working applications.

Ok, let me get this in short. You basically recommend me to follow this ?

If I want to copy that /boot/boot1 from my FreeBSD partion to my drive C:\,
how can I get to my FreeBSD partition, in the first place, if I won't be
able to boot from it after installation? (because I assume the above steps
would require you not to touch your MBR while installing FreeBSD). Can I
create a boot disk to boot that FreeBSD?


>On Thursday 20 November 2003 05:14 am, ogautherot at wrote:
>> As far as I am concerned, I tend to have 1 partition for the system and a
>> separate one for user data - this way, you don't wipe everything out if
>> your system crashes. This saved my life a couple of times.
>> What do you need the 10GB FAT32 partition for? (I suspect the same
>> but with respect to Windows...?!?)

>If you want to pass large files, you need something you can write to from
>FreeBSD. You can read but not write to NTFS. I have a number of mutli-boot
>machines and I almost always have that much in one partition that is FAT32.
>FWIW, all of my multi-boot XP/FreeBSD have the main FreeBSD slice on the
>primary master. You can add /boot/boot0 to your c-drive and boot.ini and
>or 4.x boots like a charm using ntldr. My c-drive only contains data and
>not contain an OS.

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