New parts for new PC (need help - little knowledge of hardware)

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Thu Nov 20 06:59:31 PST 2003

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Here's the current setup that I have came up with. I think I would be pretty happy with it as long as I don't have any problems in FreeBSD. If I have problems I want them to beable to be fixed ya know?

Antec PLUSVIEW1000AMG Chassis

AMD Tyan S2466 (Supports 2 AMD Athlon MP Processesors)

2 AMD Athlon MP 2400+ processors

TURBO-COOL 510 ATX/ATX12V Power Supply from PC Power and Cooling

2 - 4 1GB Crucial DDR PC2100 Registered ECC Memory sticks

Promise FastTrak TX2000 RAID Controller

2 Western Digital Caviar Special Edition 120GB (EIDE,Ultra ATA/100, 7200RPM) Can't find a a 10,000 RPM one from Western Digital that is IDE, has that much GBs.

GeForce4 Ti-4600 Vid Card

GENERIC Floppy drive - don't really care who this comes from.

Lite On LTC-48161H Black 48x24x48x16 Combo Drive
Write Speed: 48X CD-R,24X CD-RW
 Read Speed: 48X CD-ROM,16X DVD-ROM
 Interface: ATAPI/E-IDE
 Buffer: 2MB
 Diamond DT-688 3D PCI 5.1 Sound Card Live Theater(6 Channel version)
Found this sound card on pricewatch for $8.00..

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003 09:45:06 -0000
"Simon Gray" <simong at> wrote:

> > >> Take a look a ABIT's motherboard, some of them are really good.
> >
> > I had a very bad experience with an ABIT motherboard.  When FreeBSD
> > started, it saw three NICs instead of one; when it tried to initialize
> > one, it wiped the field-upgradeable BIOS.  The machine wouldn't even POST.
> > I destroyed two boards this way; fortunately the vendor (who doesn't have
> > a FreeBSD support person) gave me a break on the Gigabit that I replaced
> > it with.  There's a FreeBSD trouble ticket on this; I can hunt the number
> > down if you like.  But I would recommend avoiding putting ABIT and FreeBSD
> > together unless you have support for the combo, or a report that that
> exact
> > motherboard works with FreeBSD.  The Gigabit, BTW, has run like a champ.
> I've got an abit be6-II with p3-866 512meg, running 5.0 never crashed on me
> once, not had a single problem with it under fbsd - Rock solid.
> >> Finnally(sic) if you can afford it scsi is diffenetly(sic) better than
> ide,
> >> but
> >> I'm sure most people will think that is over kill.
> >IDE drives can be flakey(sic) on their DMA support.  I'm using an IBM
> Deskstar
> >as a rotating backup and it hung the FreeBSD device probe on discovery.
> >I have it set to use PIO, which sucks the CPU up through a firehose.  I'm
> >running on a set of three 10,000 RPM IBM SCSI Ultrastars that I bought
> right
> >after Hitachi bought IBM's drive business and before the disk price rose
> >again.  They run hot; I have them in a mounting cage salvaged from an old
> >machine, with space between them and between them and the side of the cage,
> >set right in front of the 120 mm inlet-side case fan.  In this
> configuration,
> >they have run like champs, lightning fast and no noisier than the fans.
> Subsequently in that same machine I've got 2x IBM deskstar's (20gig 60gxp's)
> running on a promise tx pro2 as raid-0 (at udma100) again without any
> problems
> I think it depends on your mother board chipset, but both my intel (bx) and
> via (kt266) have run in dma without any problems under 4.x and 5.x.
> Scsi is definatly the way forward (if you can justify the cost) it handles
> more concurrent connections better, plus the lower seek time makes quite
> a bit of difference.
> I only fit deskstars in my machines - they've been good to me over the
> years.
> They do run hot, ensure the 'air hole' isn't covered up and that they've got
> decent air flow around them.
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