Can I bakup like this...?? <--user mode Reuben?

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Thu Nov 20 05:59:52 PST 2003

Keith Spencer <bsd2000au at> writes:

> I just spent many hours finding out my bakup strategy
> was useless (didn't know what I was doing I guess)

You don't really have a backup strategy unless you have tested
it.  I just finished building myself a new backup system, and I
had to run it through a few iterations before I was happy with
everything it did (including testing boundary cases like running
out of space and so on).

> Now I need to do it properly.

Sure, but first you need to understand (at least loosely) what
your idea of "properly" is for this particular machine.  This is
something that you need to determine before you start working out
the technical approach.

You implied in an earlier message that your main priority is
minimum downtime.  If so, you were probably on the right track
with your strategy of a second disk in the box, kept reasonably
up-to-date automatically, and ready to be swapped in as the
primary disk.  If this disk is a server, with a lot of user data,
then that probably isn't enough, and you need periodic backups
that don't get overwritten.

If you really need minimum downtime, then dropping to single-user
mode for backups won't be practical.  You'll need to keep the
second disk synched with the first by some method that will work
fairly dependably in multi-user mode.  Either dump/restore or tar
will do fairly well; there will be some race conditions where
some files could end up improperly synched, but those conditions
are unlikely and easy to recover from (if you have another,
user-data focused, backup strategy as well).

Good luck.

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