FreeBSD beside WinXP

Jud judmarc at
Thu Nov 20 03:19:17 PST 2003

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003 14:59:29 +0800, <chael at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I read somewhere before that there were partition or boot problems after  
> installing 5.1 beside winXP. Has anyone been able to do this  
> successfully? Is there something not obvious that I need to set/tweak  
> while during sysinstall? This partition has seen several versions of  
> Mandrake and Redhat (Fedora is a flap, btw, IMO), and they all do it  
> automatically as if assuming that users DO install their OS beside some  
> Windows. But I have grown tired of the linux fad/hype and just wanna try  
> my favorite server OS on it to see how it does too on the desktop. But  
> at the same time, I need my XP very much.
> My 40G hardisk is currently partitioned like this..:  512MB Windows swap  
> | 512MB Linux/Unix swap | 20G NTFS | 10G FAT32 | Rest = Linux/Unix
> Thanks in advance =)
> chael

Everything should work just fine.  Read the FAQ at the FreeBSD web site re  
dual booting with Win as well as extensive prior discussions in this list  
with detailed advice.  (You can search for the latter at <URL:>.)


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