Hardware woes

Jason jason at ec.rr.com
Wed Nov 19 19:46:35 PST 2003

K Anderson wrote:

> Don't recall if I asked here. Asked on the Linux groups.
> I have the following:
>   ATI AIW 9800 Pro (R350 w/dual whatever)
>   Asus SK8N mobo (nForce 3 Pro 150)
>   Audigy 2
>   Opteron 246
> Should have gone with:
>   nVidia something
>   Haupage TV (or some other compat thingy)
>   More compat mobo
>   Maybe an Audigy 2
>   Opteron 246
> So I'm wondering is there any chance to go with either Linux or 
> FreeBSD using the hardware I already have and be able to do the TV 
> thing and the sound thing or am I stuck using Windows XP?
> I tried GATOS, ATI drivers (they don't support 3d accel from what I 
> can tell), and some other project with no luck. The sound was 
> questionable as I do not have a means to check if the feature of the 
> Audigy 2 are being used.
> Just wanted to know if anybody else out there in FreeBSD or Linux land 
> might have an ATI AIW 9800 Pro and doing TV in and other fun stuff the 
> card can do.
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I forgot, check the man page for the radeon driver if you have freebsd.  
If not go to the web site.  It looks like you have a lot of support in 
the default drivers.

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