Hardware woes

K Anderson freebsduser at comcast.net
Wed Nov 19 18:10:00 PST 2003

Don't recall if I asked here. Asked on the Linux groups.

I have the following:
   ATI AIW 9800 Pro (R350 w/dual whatever)
   Asus SK8N mobo (nForce 3 Pro 150)
   Audigy 2
   Opteron 246

Should have gone with:
   nVidia something
   Haupage TV (or some other compat thingy)
   More compat mobo
   Maybe an Audigy 2
   Opteron 246

So I'm wondering is there any chance to go with either Linux or FreeBSD 
using the hardware I already have and be able to do the TV thing and the 
sound thing or am I stuck using Windows XP?

I tried GATOS, ATI drivers (they don't support 3d accel from what I can 
tell), and some other project with no luck. The sound was questionable 
as I do not have a means to check if the feature of the Audigy 2 are 
being used.

Just wanted to know if anybody else out there in FreeBSD or Linux land 
might have an ATI AIW 9800 Pro and doing TV in and other fun stuff the 
card can do.

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