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The clients are pretty static, as they boot from a CD and do not
authenticate anywhere but locally.  User-specified MOTD would be the ideal
way to go, but since the clients aren't normal clients, it doesn't seem so
possible.  Reading a text file from the server using ssh at logon will
achieve pretty much the same results.

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At 04:21 PM 11/19/2003, Feltis, Ralph C. wrote:
>Ahh yes, I see how preparing an elegant solution would provide greater
>flexibility.  However, Cordula's solution (ssh user at strings
>somefile) is about a 15 second fix, whereas setting up a server is, well,
>not so much a 15 second fix.

Cant' blame me for trying though. BTW can't you easily rig up something to 
keep the account MOTD's current with whatever the latest images are?

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