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Wed Nov 19 13:24:23 PST 2003


Yes, gateway_enable="YES" is in my rc.conf file.

That's the first thing I checked :)

Here is my rc.conf file...

defaultrouter="??.??.??.??"    ## Note: I do have a valid IP here...
ifconfig_dc0="inet ??.??.??.??  netmask"
ifconfig_dc1="inet  netmask"

Thanks for your input.


At 03:00 PM 11/19/2003, you wrote:

>Peter Elsner wrote:
>>Okay, I have a really weird problem.
>>Running FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE (just installed it from CD).
>>It's a basic gateway setup with 2 NIC cards.
>>I've done this set up a hundred times and have never seen this before.
>>DSL modem (with static IP address) goes into one NIC card (dc0).
>>Status is active, and from the gateway box, I can ping out to the world.
>>Second NIC (dc1) is connected to a hub, with internal IP
>>DHCP is running and assigning IP addresses to workstations.
>>Workstation is WinXP Professional, and it is set to obtain IP and DNS 
>>This works, I do get an IP address of (the dhcp range is 50 
>>to 240).
>>I have DNS, if I look at network settings, the DNS IP addresses contained 
>>in the /etc/resolv.conf
>>and the dhcpd.conf file from the server are there.
>> From the workstation (a dos prompt), I can connect to the server at 
>> and I can ping the server.
>>Which means I have a connection.
>>But I can't ping the outside world or connect anywhere else to the 
>>outside from the workstation.
>>I have tried both by host name and IP addresses, so DNS issues can be 
>>ruled out.
>>Also, from the server, I can ping the workstation, ( and it 
>>tracert (from dos prompt), goes to the server and 
>>then says it
>>can not go any further.  Almost like the DSL modem is preventing from 
>>anything going out,
>>unless it comes directly from the server.
>>Right now, I can only connect up to 4 workstations to a Netopia 4 port 
>>DSL router.
>>But I have 2 other workstations to connect, and can't do that until I can 
>>get this issue
>>Has anyone ever seen this problem before?
>>Peter Elsner
>Do you have
>in /etc/rc.conf?  IIRC, FBSD needs to be
>instructed that's it's supposed to be
>bridging the two interfaces...
>Handbook chapter 19.2 is probably
>one place you need to look.
>Kevin Kinsey
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