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Wed Nov 19 13:04:08 PST 2003

> The clients have to log into FreeBSD, and ideally, would receive a MOTD that
> tells them which image is on which port.  Now, I know it's possible to
> simply edit the MOTD and create a new CD, but as often as the images change,
> it wouldn't be very practical.  That's where my idea of sending some kind of
> network data to the server when the client logs on and then the server
> replying with the port to image information comes in.  I can't imagine that
> I need anything complex, as I am only working in the console with the
> clients.  Any ideas?

Try to set up ssh in such a way as to list the contents of a
directory, e.g. the directory which contains the image.

Then a simple
  % ssh user at ls somedir
would tell you all you need to know.

Please refer to ssh documentation, on how to avoid having
to use a pass phrase everytime you want to access a remote

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