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Bill Reid wer at
Wed Nov 19 08:56:18 PST 2003

Since you have a rec option in your mixer....  I would go ahead and set 
the record input (which you probably already did)

mixer -f /dev/mixer[device] =rec [ line, mic ]

When you run mixer you should see
Mixer video    is currently set to  75:75
Recording source: mic

So I got my recording source in mixer output.

Also you could try giving the program the actual device /dev/dspW0.1 
instead of a symlink....  Maybe it will like that better.

The only other thing I can say on the topic is that many full duplex 
cards (I am not at all familiar with yours) can do full duplex but may 
only do 8 bit in one direction and 16 bit in the other.
So they may be trying to set AFMT_S16_LE or AFMT_STEREO in both 
directions, which might not work.  They should be doing AFMT_U8 on 
playback and AFMT_STEREO on recording .....

Not sure if this helps you.  My only recording interests were to "Tivo" 
Radio talk show Mainly Art Bell.

Um.  So I just have some crappy program and some scripts.  I have not 
been played with anything else related to recording.

Best wishes,


epilogue at wrote:

>hello all,
>a couple of questions:
>1) have any of you had success installing ardour (  if so, could you
>please contact me to review the steps taken?
>2) audacity users:  i currently have audacity-1.0.0_2 installed (
>even though it invariably hiccups an error message about /dev/dsp not being a
>valid playback device, it does provide playback.  i cannot, however, seem to get it
>to record.  i've scoured both google and the audacity mailing lists, but no luck.
>for what it is worth, i do have 1 recording channel...
>>cat /dev/sndstat
>FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm)
>Installed devices:
>pcm0: <ESS Technology Maestro-2E> port 0x1400-0x14ff irq 5 at device 8.0
>	on pci0 (4p/1r/4v channels duplex)
>i have also fiddled with the mixer settings in pretty much every way imaginable....
>Mixer vol      is currently set to  75:75
>Mixer pcm      is currently set to  75:75
>Mixer speaker  is currently set to  75:75
>Mixer line     is currently set to  75:75
>Mixer mic      is currently set to  75:75
>Mixer cd       is currently set to  75:75
>Mixer rec      is currently set to  75:75
>Mixer ogain    is currently set to  50:50
>Mixer line1    is currently set to  75:75
>Mixer phin     is currently set to  75:75
>Mixer phout    is currently set to  75:75
>Mixer video    is currently set to  75:75
>when i try to record, audacity complains about not being able to record and
>playback simultaneously under unix.  when i try to change the program's
>preferences so that it does not try to do both at the same time, i uncheck
>a couple of boxes and hit 'ok'.  however, as soon as i hit 'ok', audacity whines
>again about /dev/dsp not being a valid device and refuses to accept the changes.
>any suggestions you might have regarding getting recording working with this program
>would be VERY much appreciated.  thanks for your time.
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